Thursday, August 14, 2008

Search Engine Which Pays, Paid Search Engine For Users, Earn Money From Search Engine

Hi Guys,

Again back from holiday!!!. I have noticed that there are new craze in the Search Engine Market. Wanted to know…. Ok.

There are many search engines that are paying money to you for your searches.

There is also a Search Engine called that pays to you for your searches you made. - - invitation to join the search engine which pays to you.

Let me put some description about it.

Scour is a very powerful search aggregation engine, in that it will search for terms, images, or video across the top 3

search engines and weights your results according to Scour's own algorithms.

There are also much more things to tell

You can earn points for ever search, comment, or vote you contribute to the site.

You can review and provide feedback (by voting) on the quality and relevance of the searches you received.

You can invite others to join, and get points for the stuff they do on the site, as well.

You can redeem your points for Visa gift cards.

Search Engine Which Pays to You for Your Searches. Go and Experience it.

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