Monday, July 28, 2008

Heavy Rain In Mumbai India - 28 July 2008

Today 28 July 2008 now its mid afternoon and heavy rain in mumbai. It has been raining since last 3 days and it is now
continuous. As per my knowledge all road and rail transport operations have been suspended. There are chaos all over
Mumbai. Now Mansoon is on its way. The weather bureau has predicted heavy to very heavy rain in the next 36 hours.

I got latest news that in mumbai there is continuously raining and by that there is lot of problem created. In the Mithi Nadi and Poiser there is lot of water accumulated. In Mumbai and other Subrub Area are in water and water. In the Dahisar and other nearby area there is 69 mm rain fall within 2 hrs. In the western mumbai there is cutof of electricity. This news was upto the mid afternoon. Central & Western Railways locals are running slowly. Lot of traffic jams. and its now continusly raining i am afrid if any thing happen.

Please write down your comments or any latest news updates you have.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Propeller 2.0 Social News Website Released

Finally as a social news website Propeller was released in morning on 22 July 2008 after long waiting with lot of features upgraded.

Team at Propeller, they had main goal to make it easier, faster and to have more fun. TO get completed this, they had incorporated a new design to it and also new technology powering to this website.

Now People will start their day by reading stories on the Propeller. Have a look below to see the features added in Propeller.
New Ranking Scale:
Prop It!:
New and Improved Search:
Featured Groups and Members:
This Just In:
Category Consolidation:
To get more information about it you can move to

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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Hi All,
This is Mark, I have started this blog with the intesion to provide you people with all the information which i have. I am going to include all the information which i know related to every topic.
I would also love if you provide your reviews and comments on my topics.