Friday, August 29, 2008

Indian Top & Most Powerful Women Entered in 100 Forbes Magazine Club

Indian Top & Most Powerful Women Entered in 100 Forbes Magazine Club

From India, there are 3 women who are in 100 most powerful women in the List of Forbes. The Forbes has announced the most powerful women in the world that includes women from worldwide.

The No.1 Women form India is Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati and Indian biotechnology firm Biocon's Chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

UPA President Sonia Gandhi slipped this year from 6 Rank to 21st and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has made her debut in this club and ranked at 59th. Indian biotechnology firm Biocon's Chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw ranked at 99th.

The Forbes Magazine list also include Indian-origin chief of global soft drink major PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, at 3rd position. She has improved her ranking from last year 5th to 3rd.

The first rank is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Countries from where the highest most powerful women, are outside from USA, 1) UK (5), 2) China (4), 3) India (3), 4) France (3), 5) Netherlands (3).

Forbes World’s Top Powerful Women

Forbes World’s Top Powerful Women

Now as we said that women are walking with men by joining their shoulder. They have proved that they can do anything in the world that men can do and this is the result of it that in one of the great FORBES Magazine has issued the list of top most powerful women list. The women ranked on this list control $26 trillion worldwide. The Forbes list contains 54 businesswomen and 23 politicians.

Lets us have a look one by one.

1) The number one most powerful women in the world German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is in top of the list.

2) Sheila Bair, (Head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Cor)p is ranked 2nd position in this list.

3) At No. 3, ranked Indra Nooyi who in PepsiCo in America, she is a businesswomen and from Indian Origin.

4) Fourth rank goes to Angela who is the head of big health insurer WellPoint.

5) At No. 5, Cynthia Carroll

6) Kraft chief Irene Rosenfeld

7) Condoleezza Rice (U.S. Secretary of State)

8) Ho Ching (Head Of Singaporean Sovereign Wealth Fund Temasek)

9) Areva head Anne Lauvergeon (From France)

10) Anne Mulcahy

21) Sonia Gandhi (From India) (Congress UPA President)

28) Hillary Rodham Clinton

29) Hynd Bouhia (From Morocco) (Director-general of the Casablanca Stock Exchange)

55) Starcom MediaVest's Laura Desmond

59) Mayawati (From India) (Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister)

93) Enterprise's Pamela Nicholson

99) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Indian biotechnology firm Biocon's Chief)

These are the women from USA as well as outside from USA. From Outside USA the top most countries from where these women are as follows;

U.K. (5 women),
China (4),
India (3)
France (3)
Netherlands (3)

The candidates who are ranked they globally recognized women and of course top in their respective field. They are chief executives, elected officials, nonprofit leaders and many others.

We Salute You Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems, Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Technology

Human being needs water more than any other things. In the world there is limited resources of fresh water to drink. So there is strong need of water filtration and purification. There is an effective and easy way to get it i.e. Ultrafiltration.

Ultrafiltration {UF} is a type of filtration. UF is a separation phenomenon that separates particulate matter from soluble components in the carries fluid like water. It is a pressure driven phenomenon.

Ultrafiltration membranes have their pore sizes in the range of approximately 0.01 - 0.10 ┬Ám that has high elimination capabilities for microscopic organism like Virus and Bacteria. Material that is mostly used are polymeric and are naturally hydrophobic in UF.
They can decrease the membranes ability to be cleaned with high power disinfectants such as hypochlorite that impacts elimination of microorganism’s growth.

Disinfectants and other cleaning agents can be used to completely eliminate and stop acting loss due to biological growth as well as other foulants.

Industrial area that covers, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Beverage Processing, Waste Water Treatment Plant make use of ultra filtration in order to recycle flow or add value to later products.

Ultrafiltration’s main purpose is capability to purify, filter, clean, separate, the targeted macromolecules in continuous systems.

UF's main attraction is its ability to purify, separate, and concentrate target macromolecules in continuous systems by applying pressure on the flow of solution. Ultrafiltration UF is used as a pre-treatment step in reverse osmosis processes in many various countries to produce fresh water as there is little fresh water available in those areas.

In those countries where fresh water is less in quantity, Ultrafiltration UF is used as a pre-treatment step in reverse osmosis processes. They produce fresh water to drink.

Visit us for more details about ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis for water treatment in various industrial areas.

Ultra filtration Membrane Systems, Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Technology

Ultra filtration of Water, Ultrafiltation UV Water Treatment System

In the school time, we have studied that there are only few percentage of fresh water that are drinkable. We need water other than the food and shelter. As population is increasing tremendously, the requirement of water is also rising. It will be very tough to get natural water to drink after few years as growing population like anything.

Previously people were boiling the water to make it safe and drinkable. As time is passing there are various ways are coming out to solve this problem. Now a days due to advance growth of science and technology, there are various techniques are emerging out. Scientists have invented numerous water purification and filtration methods to address the need for water purification.

One method is the use of UV radiation. Ultrafiltration is used to eliminate particulates in the 0.002 to 0.1 micron range in the water supply by forcing the water to pass through a membrane, which does not allow the particulates to pass through but does allow the flow of the water. UF removes microorganisms as well as progeny from DM Demineral water, which is used for solution preparation, washing and many other application in pharmaceutical industries.

Ultra filtration is widely used in industrial areas like, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Beverage Processing, and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Health is important, do not neglect our drinking water quality.

Waste Water Treatment Plants, ultra filtration system, Ultra Filtration Water Treatment System, DM Water, Centrifugal Pump, Water Purification Filtration Systems, Mumbai, India

Call From Internet To Landline or Mobile Phones

Now a day will come when all Internet Users can make call from their PC to any landlines or mobile numbers. Yes, this is correct as per The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announced this on Monday.

According to them this will be a move that would add to technological union, competition and will definitely become a major cause for drop in call rates.

The TRAI has suggested that STD service providers would be connected to ISPs through a public Internet network and both the service providers would ink an agreement for connecting the calls, details of which have to be mutually sorted out.

With this statement many companies are happy, like IT - BPO Industries, Offshore Service Providers etc. as they are battling with the competition like costs for their clients.

As this is great offer for Public who use PC at home but it will have adverse impact on Telecom Service providers and it will add unfair advantages to ISPs.

Please give your opinion or comment what you say.

Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 with New Features Released

The Great Microsoft has released it Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 version. Is has got lots of features that includes

1) Accelerators : which enable you to do your everyday browsing activities more quickly. You can start mapping, translating,

emailing and lot more activities withing few clicks.

2) InPrivate Browsing

3) Web Slices

4) Search suggestions :- This feature gives you detailed suggestions from your favorite search and browsing history.

5) SmartScreen Filter : - This feature protects you against deceptive and malicious websites.

So don't wait anymore, Download Internet Explorer Latest Version here

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Version
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is The Great Google Adwords / Adsense Showing Explicit Or Adult Ads

What is happening to The Great Google??

I was doing search on one of the keyword “tantrik ” I got a big shock by seeing that Google showing this type of ads also. I know this is not believable but according to my screenshot Image It is showing truth only.

Click on the Image to SEE

I am not sure why thing is happening. I was searched this keyword for 3 days and it was showing till that day.

I am not criticizing the great Google’s services as I am a big fan and supporter of it but I wanted to share my experience to all of the people and wanted to know is there any changes are going on.

Please share your advice or place your comment of it.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Search Engine Which Pays, Paid Search Engine For Users, Earn Money From Search Engine

Hi Guys,

Again back from holiday!!!. I have noticed that there are new craze in the Search Engine Market. Wanted to know…. Ok.

There are many search engines that are paying money to you for your searches.

There is also a Search Engine called that pays to you for your searches you made. - - invitation to join the search engine which pays to you.

Let me put some description about it.

Scour is a very powerful search aggregation engine, in that it will search for terms, images, or video across the top 3

search engines and weights your results according to Scour's own algorithms.

There are also much more things to tell

You can earn points for ever search, comment, or vote you contribute to the site.

You can review and provide feedback (by voting) on the quality and relevance of the searches you received.

You can invite others to join, and get points for the stuff they do on the site, as well.

You can redeem your points for Visa gift cards.

Search Engine Which Pays to You for Your Searches. Go and Experience it.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Heavy Rain In Mumbai India - 28 July 2008

Today 28 July 2008 now its mid afternoon and heavy rain in mumbai. It has been raining since last 3 days and it is now
continuous. As per my knowledge all road and rail transport operations have been suspended. There are chaos all over
Mumbai. Now Mansoon is on its way. The weather bureau has predicted heavy to very heavy rain in the next 36 hours.

I got latest news that in mumbai there is continuously raining and by that there is lot of problem created. In the Mithi Nadi and Poiser there is lot of water accumulated. In Mumbai and other Subrub Area are in water and water. In the Dahisar and other nearby area there is 69 mm rain fall within 2 hrs. In the western mumbai there is cutof of electricity. This news was upto the mid afternoon. Central & Western Railways locals are running slowly. Lot of traffic jams. and its now continusly raining i am afrid if any thing happen.

Please write down your comments or any latest news updates you have.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Propeller 2.0 Social News Website Released

Finally as a social news website Propeller was released in morning on 22 July 2008 after long waiting with lot of features upgraded.

Team at Propeller, they had main goal to make it easier, faster and to have more fun. TO get completed this, they had incorporated a new design to it and also new technology powering to this website.

Now People will start their day by reading stories on the Propeller. Have a look below to see the features added in Propeller.
New Ranking Scale:
Prop It!:
New and Improved Search:
Featured Groups and Members:
This Just In:
Category Consolidation:
To get more information about it you can move to

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Hi All,
This is Mark, I have started this blog with the intesion to provide you people with all the information which i have. I am going to include all the information which i know related to every topic.
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