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Forbes World’s Top Powerful Women

Forbes World’s Top Powerful Women

Now as we said that women are walking with men by joining their shoulder. They have proved that they can do anything in the world that men can do and this is the result of it that in one of the great FORBES Magazine has issued the list of top most powerful women list. The women ranked on this list control $26 trillion worldwide. The Forbes list contains 54 businesswomen and 23 politicians.

Lets us have a look one by one.

1) The number one most powerful women in the world German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is in top of the list.

2) Sheila Bair, (Head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Cor)p is ranked 2nd position in this list.

3) At No. 3, ranked Indra Nooyi who in PepsiCo in America, she is a businesswomen and from Indian Origin.

4) Fourth rank goes to Angela who is the head of big health insurer WellPoint.

5) At No. 5, Cynthia Carroll

6) Kraft chief Irene Rosenfeld

7) Condoleezza Rice (U.S. Secretary of State)

8) Ho Ching (Head Of Singaporean Sovereign Wealth Fund Temasek)

9) Areva head Anne Lauvergeon (From France)

10) Anne Mulcahy

21) Sonia Gandhi (From India) (Congress UPA President)

28) Hillary Rodham Clinton

29) Hynd Bouhia (From Morocco) (Director-general of the Casablanca Stock Exchange)

55) Starcom MediaVest's Laura Desmond

59) Mayawati (From India) (Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister)

93) Enterprise's Pamela Nicholson

99) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Indian biotechnology firm Biocon's Chief)

These are the women from USA as well as outside from USA. From Outside USA the top most countries from where these women are as follows;

U.K. (5 women),
China (4),
India (3)
France (3)
Netherlands (3)

The candidates who are ranked they globally recognized women and of course top in their respective field. They are chief executives, elected officials, nonprofit leaders and many others.

We Salute You Women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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